Stop waiting around for referrals and start getting leads for life

Packed with examples, strategies, and lots of support to help you plan your marketing system step-by-step.

Ok, Mike I'm ready to...

  • Get the exact blueprint to build my own system and create automated, long-term leads for life
  • Learn the lead-generating secrets that work best by swiping from other success stories
  • Launch campaigns with confidence and start generating lifetime customers
  • Tap the hidden power of my social media channels to effortlessly get more leads
  • Stop waiting around for referrals and get my first new lead in as little as a week
  • ​​​Follow the step-by-step guidance and detailed instructions
  • Get personalized help from experienced marketers in an easy to follow, “do-it-yourself” bootcamp

If That's All True, Go Ahead:

Watch What These Business Owners Are Saying About Their Experience...

"I feel confident to know that I can get results ... I highly recommend it."

- Brie
"It was brilliant. It's going to work tomorrow, it's going to work 2 years from now..."

- Brad
"It has been a game changer for me..."

- Katie
"It has helped me tremendously..."

- Kyle
"They laid out the perfect blueprint..."

- Casey
"I have a team to guide me and keep me focused. I love working with them."

- Christina
"It's like business strategy development on steroids."

- Ryan
"I have learned to find somebody who is fantastic at what they do ... Justin is one of those guys."

- Keith
Hi, I'm Justin Wise...
Mike and I teamed up on the Leads For Life Bootcamp™ for one main reason — we know you need more leads, but you can’t seem to get them.

You might be thinking “I don’t have time for this. I can’t keep waiting around for referrals to come in. I just want something that works and will give me the results I want with minimal effort on my part.”

We hear you … loud and clear! That’s exactly why we created a proven plan for building your marketing system so it does all the work for you while still giving you control over what happens next.

If that sounds interesting to you, keep reading...
See, most business owners are stuck in the same vicious cycle of waiting around for referrals, hoping that a prospect will magically become a paying customer.

In fact, the average small business owner spends $1,200 per month on marketing and advertising only to make $3,000 per month in revenue. That means that they're spending almost as much as they're making! But it doesn't have to be this way because you can get leads for life by following our proven system and getting your first 10-20 customers fast so you can stop relying on luck or chance when it comes to landing new clients.

Our Bootcamp is designed to help you plan, build and launch a proven marketing system so that you can start getting more leads from day one instead of wasting time and money on ineffective tactics like cold-calling or door-knocking. You'll learn how easy it is to attract new clients in just 1 hour per day using the right mix of online tools, creativity, and experimentation.

No more waiting around, hoping someone gives you a referral. 

No more trying to figure out how to attract new clients without spending any money or doing the soul-sucking work of begging for new clients.

If you’re ready to finally increase your leads, land more clients, and free yourself from advertising overwhelm, take action today.

Your first (simple) step?

What Are Other Business Owners Saying??

They get BIG results... so they're pretty darn happy.

Thou Shalt Receive BONUSES


Mindset Hacks Bonus Training

Launching and running your business is great ... until it's not.

If we're honest, every entrepreneur has days / weeks / months where you're just ... not ... feeling it. But what if instead of "sucking it up" and "pushing through" you had a systematic way to boost your confidence and watch everything around you flourish?

In this BONUS training session, Mike Michalowicz will walk you through practical tips for maintaining a healthy mindset so you can have a rock solid foundation for when things go sideways.

Build your confidence. Strengthen your mindset. Learn the four main mindset hacks Mike uses to keep his confidence and businesses in check.


Tactics Hacks Bonus Training

The size of your marketing budget should never be the reason why you aren’t getting any leads. 

In fact, some of the best lead generation breakthroughs happen with very few dollars spent. 

Bad idea: cutting corners on your marketing budget altogether.

Good idea: getting creative to increase your chances of getting more leads at a lower cost. 

In this BONUS training, you'll learn our favorite — and proven — lead generation hacks using highly targeted and relatively inexpensive methods.

If you want to increase your leads and make more sales, all without spending a BOATLOAD, these marketing hacks are definitely worth considering for any type of business.


VIP ONLY: Upgraded Support

Our regular support for the Bootcamp includes membership in the Pop-Up Community that runs for the duration of the Bootcamp.

But for action-takers, we like to up the ante.

You've placed an immense amount of trust in us. Made a big decision. So we like to make sure you're nice-n-neat-n-cozy after launching your Leads For Life system. 

How do we do that?

For 14 days after the last day of the Bootcamp, we'll upgrade your VIP registration to include email support with our team.

What's important with all this is that you act on what you learn in the Bootcamp. But you may hit a roadblock or two along the way. 

And if you do? We've got your back. There's never a reason for you to feel like you're drifting out in the digital sea, all alone.

You've got a life raft.

And it's captained by your swashbuckling pirate pals, Justin & Mike.

So hop aboard, sailor.

Choose Your Experience

October 4th-8th, 2021 • Starts Daily @ 12 pm ET

"Pop the champagne bottles and gimme all the goods!"
  • Daily 15-minute LIVE mindset sessions
  • Daily 45-minute LIVE training sessions
  • Campaign Roadmap PDF
  • Campaign Roadmap Review ($250 VALUE)
  • Special Q&A Session with Mike Michalowicz ($500 VALUE)
  • Idea Mining Group Sessions ($200 VALUE)
  • Upgraded Ongoing Support ($300 VALUE)
  • BONUS: Mindset Hacks Training
  • BONUS: Tactics Hacks Training


We said, "hey how can we cram as much value as humanly possible into this Bootcamp?" Thus, the VIP experience was born. Everything from the Standard experience, plus some extra goodies. Make the most of the Bootcamp experience and go VIP.
"A good solid value"
  • Daily 15-minute LIVE mindset sessions
  • Daily 45-minute LIVE training sessions
  • Campaign Roadmap PDF
  • BONUS: Mindset Hacks Training
  • BONUS: Tactics Hacks Training


5 days of digitally-delivered goodness with everything you see listed here, all for just $47.

You're probably wondering:

"How much does this cost?"

Great question.

You might think it's the question, but it's not. 

(More on that in a second.)

We charge a reasonable, flat, one-time fee of $47 for standard enrollment in the Leads For Life Bootcamp. (It's a little bit more if you want the VIP experience, but that also comes with some juiced up goodies.)

The more interesting question you might want to consider is, "when will I make my money back?"

Even if you only implement what you learn after Day 1 in the Bootcamp, you'll easily make your money back.

And if you don't? 

You're covered by our "Day 1 Guarantee": if you don’t feel like you’ve received 10x ROI after the first day of Bootcamp — I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

"Can't I just figure this out myself?"


And if you already have a proven system that can deliver leads for life, you probably should.

But if you don't already have a lead gen system that doesn't just rely on referrals?

Well, let's just say one time I tried to rewire my basement.

Wanted to save a few bucks.

I watched some YouTube videos.

Got to work.

Then I electrocuted myself.

It's what I imagine being tased feels like.

So I called an electrician.

He said I was lucky I didn't burn my whole house down.

Lesson: don't do things you're not qualified for and/or don't have time to address properly.

"What can I expect for results?"

I could talk about how this'll cross a MAJOR pain-in-the-@$$ task off your list, once and for all ... but I won't.

I could talk about how this'll put you in the driver's seat of your business, working ON it instead of IN it ... but I won't.

I could talk about how you won't have to worry and fret about whether a new referral is gonna come in or not.

But I won't.

For now, let's just keep it clean.

The question you need to ask is this: "what's it worth to me to never have to wait around for referrals and start getting leads for life?"

If having a proven system for generating leads you can go back to again and again... matter the market... matter the shape of the economy... matter the type of business... worth $47 to you (and your time), you should enroll in the Bootcamp.

If it's not worth $47 to you, then you shouldn't.

But imagine never having to do cold calls/emails, networking events, trade shows, <insert marketing activity you hate here>, ever again.

What does it feel like?

Like $47?


Thought so.

Scrolled to the bottom just to see the offer?

I like your style! Here's what you need to know: we'll teach you how to become unignorable. You get attention. Attention turns into leads. Act fast before the price goes up and the bonuses all say "adios amigo!"

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